Stan's Development Timechart

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Stan's Development Timechart

Post by h2oadmin » Sun Nov 19, 2017 11:32 pm

Hello everyone,

I wanted to offer an explanation and help some to avoid common mistakes when analyzing Stan's work.
First, Stan had several different designs, not one. Most researchers stumble here because they mix up parts of different designs, causing confusion.
To put it simply, Stan designed in steps, just as you or I would.

First, he designed the Rotary vic (using his motor to drive an alternator),
Second, he designed the plate cell with it's control box,
Third, he designed the resonant cavity and developed the electronics to drive and regulate it.

Basically, he started simple, then added designs as he progressed.
Remember, as he always said, "Keep It Simple Stupid". Also recall that one of his goals was for this to be built in a garage.
The parts of each design cannot be mixed up between designs.
In order to get his results, we need to do what he did.
My suggestion, start simple, then work your way up.

Also, contrary to popular belief, Stan had only one dunebuggy. He changed and upgraded it as his technology progressed.
It changed a little in appearance as time went by. Don't be confused!
An example of this is the water fuel tank. Earlier pictures show his plastic red tank, the later prototype is a metallic
tank (which could be plastic inside and metal on the exterior, but it was updated).

This is an attainable goal everyone - the only way to lose is to give up!
Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition!
Job 28:22-23

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