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stanleymeyer index to photos

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.Control Panels

SMCP001 Panel for Gas Mangagement System
SMCP002 Panel
SMCP003 Front View of panels for the early demonstration units
SMCP004 Hydrogen Fracturing Process and other
SMCP005 Hydrogen Fracturing Process Front Panel View

Demonstration Cell Unit

SMDC001 A nice full length image of the demonstration cell as Stan fills the
cell with tap water
SMDC002 Details of the bottom of the demonstration cell
SMDC003 An image of the top of the demonstration cell with the cell housing removed
SMDC004 Another image of the tope of the demonstration cell showing a hitherto
unknown bolt and bracket on the upper tube holder
SMDC005 An image of the demonstration cell showing nice detail of the upper plumbing
SMDC006 An image of the demonstration cell taken in a basement

Dune Buggy

SMDB001 The classic discovery image
SMDB002 An early image
SMDB003 Stan Meyer at his Grove city home March 1996
SMDB004 Dune Buggy interior 2009
SMDB005 Dune Buggy on carpet (photoshopped?)
SMDB006 A 1984 image from a Water Fuel Cell Bulletin
SMDB007 Rick Schneider and others at the airport
SMDB008 Dune Buggy with opened hood
SMDB009 Dune Buggy rear view

EPG Volume 1

SMEGP003 Top down image of EPG unit 3
SMEGP004 Detail of EPG unit
SMEGP005 Top down image of EPG unit 2
SMEGP006 Top down image of EPG unit 1 Check out the video titles in the storage box
below where Ted is holding up EPG unit 1 It Runs on Water, Water Fuel Cell,
SMEGP007 View of EPG circuit card
SMEGP008 Wide angle view of EPG units 1 and 3
SMEGP009 Detail of EPG unit
SMEGP010 Wide angle image of EPG units 1,2 and 3. Unfinished EPG 4 at right

EPG Volume 2

SMEPG016 Another view of the EPG's at the storage unit with labels


SMEPG035 View of various types of EPGs taken in the storage unit
SMEPG1001 Top view of EPG1
SMEPG1002 Oblique view of EPG1
SMEPG1003 Edge view of EPG1
SMEPG1004 Close up of coil of EPG1
SMEPG1005 Close up of electrical connections of EPG1


SMEPT035 A view of the various Stanley Meyer EPGs at the storage unit

SMEPG2001 A top view of the EPG2
SMEPG2002 An oblique view of the EPG2
SMEPG2003 A side view of the EPG2
SMEPG2004 A view of the bottom of the EPG2


SMEPG035 An image of the various EPGs at the storage locker during inventory

SMEPG3001 Top view of EPG3
SMEPG3002 Oblique view of EPG3
SMEPG3003 Side View of EPG3
SMEPG3004 Another side view of EPG3
SMEPG3005 Bottom View of EPG3




Gas Managment System

SMGMSB001 GMS Controller Card
SMGSMB002 GMS Distributor Card
SMGSMB003 GMS Gas Injection Card
SMGSMB004 GMS Gated Pulse Frequency Generator
SMGSMB005 GMS Safety Control Board
SMGSMB006 GMS Regulated Power Supply
SMGSMB007 GMS Summing Card
SMGSMB008 GMS Tach and Overspeed Card
SMGSMB009 GMS Voltage Generator
SMGSMB010 GMS Variable Pulse Frequency Generator

Gas Processor Assembly

SMGPA001 A view of the gas processor assembly on the Dune Buggy
SMGPA002 Another view showing the LEDs

Hydrogen Gas Gun

SMHGG001 Gas gun in box at estate
SMHGG002 Newer image 1
SMHGG003 Newer image 2
SMHGG004 Gas gun image
SMHGG005 The Gas Gun on the h's table

Laser Accelerator Assembly

SMLAA001 A view of the laser accelerator assembly the attachet to the Gas
Management System

MultiCore VIC

SMMVIC001 This is the classic image
SMMVIC002 Inside view showing core and front of front cover
SMMVIC003 Inside View showing core and back of front cover
SMMVIC004 The inner core bemoved from case
SMMVIC005 Bobbins for the Multicore VIC
SMMVIC006 The inner and outer bobbins
SMMVIC007 The inner bobbin
SMMVIC008 The outer bobbin
SMMVIC009 The inner core showing electrical contacts for windings
SMMVIC022 A veiw of the multicore VIC and back of the front cover

Resonant Cell Volume 1

SMRC001 An image released by Dynodon to ionizationx
SMRC002 Detail of the bottom of the resonance cell
SMRC003 A view of the top lid of the resonance cell
SMRC004 An image from the top of the resonant cell with a yardstick for scale
SMRC005 Side view of the resonance cell showing side electrical connections
SMRC006 An oblique image of the resonance cell
SMRC007 Another view of the resonance dell
SMRC008 A close up of the quenching tube
SMRC009 Detail of bottom
SMRC010 Bottom
SMRC011 Detail of bottoms showing wiring
SMRC012 The resonator tubes! A critical part !!

Resonance Cell Volume 2

SMRC010 Resonance cell in tote at storage unit
SMRC011 End cap
SMRC012 End cap
SMRC013 Resonace cell base

Steam Resonator

SMSR001 A black and white image from Europe
SMSR002 From the June 2009 inventory
SMSR003 An image of the resonator tubes and tank
SMSR004 An image of the steam resonator electronics
SMSR005 A view of the steam resonator electronics and front panel
SMSR006 A side view of the steam resonator
SMSR007 Craig Westbrook visit (Video clip)
SMSR008 Steam Resonator electronics oblique view

Variable Spacing Unit

SMVSU001 Testing the VSU
SMVSU002 The VSU at its new home
SMVSU003 The VSU on inventory day
SMVSU004 Image of the bottom of the VSU
SMVSU005 Another image of VSU with plates further apart

VIC Boards

SMVICB001 A front and back view of a VIC card
SMVICB002 Another image of front and back of VIC boards with glare
SMVICB003 An image of the front of a VIC card

VIC coils

SMVIC001 A VIC core unit
SMVIC002 A VIC core unit and card
SMVIC003 A VIC core unit
SMVIC004 Disassembled VIC showing U-core
SMVIC005 A VIC core in a box
SMVIC006 VIC end detail
SMVIC007 VICs, control panel etc.
SMVIC008 Detail of end of VIC bobbin
SMVIC090 a VIC from the Steam resonator?
SMVIC010 A Resonant Charging Choke
SMVIC011 VIC coil unit and VIC card with ruler for scale


SM8XA001 8XA rheostat at right
SM8XA002 8XA rheostat at left
SM8XA003 8XA waveform
SM8XA004 A voltage regulator card from one of Stan's early devices
SM8XA005 The component side of the card shown in SM8XA004
SM8XA006 A variable pulse card for an early Meyers device
SM8XA007 The component side of SM8XA006

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