Proof the Charleston SC Shooting by Dylann Storm Roof Is A Hoax

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Proof the Charleston SC Shooting by Dylann Storm Roof Is A Hoax

Post by h2oadmin » Mon Nov 20, 2017 5:03 pm

This is becoming one of the latest tactics of the current illegitimate US administration - create a fake crisis in order to pass the desired laws such as gun control, nullifying the second amendment, etc.

Regardless of what you believe, please weigh this evidence for yourself and come to your own conclusion.
The evidence can only lead any objective observer to the same startling conclusion: this is another false flag hoax, designed
to create fear and hatred in the American populace. It has been done several times before (Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon
Bombing), and it is happening again.


1) The name: Dylann Storm Roof.
As with other past hoaxes and false flag events, the name itself is always fictitious or even ridiculous!

2) The purported security camera photo:


These false flag (FAKE) shootings always count on the American people being in such an emotional
state they miss details and blindly accept the fake story as truth.

Note in the above photo that the 'suspect' just happens to park his vehicle in the spot
right in front of the camera to be sure you see it well (what are the chances?), so the
confederate license plate is clearly visible.

Also, notice the fuzziness of the face area. The shot is supposed to show it is the suspect
Dylann Storm Roof (what a name!), but could it be any actor in a wig?
Also, notice there are two security photos released showing the suspect enter the
doors, but none showing him exit. Could it be because they do not want us seeing the
time or other info that shows up this hoax on the photos?

3) Notice the similarities:


1- White Male Adolescent
2- Made to appear as CRAZY
3- Both had fascination with guns
4- Both have limited or NO background known about them (govt. actors / plants)

It happened at Sandy Hook, and it's happening again!
Those who do not know history are destined to repeat it.

4) The 'courtroom' photo:


Take a look at this. You have a suspect in a secure building. Why are the
guards dressed as combat commandos? Think about it! Where are the normal
detention deputies? Who are they guarding, an alien?

5) There is no footage of medical personnel removing evidence or bodies from the scene.
Just as with Sandy Hook, medical personnel did not remove any bodies because there
were none there. This is another hoax, with the goal of creating a race war, or, at the
very least, pushing gun control and eventual disarmament of the entire country, black
white and all others!

6) Bible Study time doesn't add up.
According to the official story:
"The shooting occurred at the Emanuel AME Church in the historic centre of downtown
Charleston around 9pm local time (1am GMT), according to Charleston Police Department
spokesman Charles Francis."

Source: ... ad-5903366

Note the time they say the shooting occurred: 9PM, Wednesday, June 17th.
Some sources say the suspect joined the Bible study for approx. 1 hour before
beginning his rampage, others say he burst in suddenly and opened fire.
Neither is obviously the truth, and this can be easily debunked by the following fact:

The Bible study starts every Wednesday at 6PM, not 9PM:
Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition!
Job 28:22-23

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