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NEW Forum Upgrades Complete

Post by h2oadmin » Mon Nov 20, 2017 5:41 pm

Welcome to our new forum everyone!
We have upgraded and moved to a much more reliable location, so the future of Stan's Technology can be discussed without fear of censorship or threats. The forum and website are faster, plus we have incorporated many more safeguards and shortcuts to make navigating the site easier.
Thanks for your contributions and together we will see Stan's dream become a reality!

PS: Please be alert / aware of other websites appearing that claim to have 'Stan Meyer' and 'Water Fuel' content.
Due to the interest in Stan's technology, there are always scammers attracted to using his name for their own purposes. A certain website even copies content from various other sites and claims it is their own - they even swiped our steam resonator diagram and 8xa board, which we drew ourselves from Stan's coil and original design. While we do not mind people using our content
for furthering research, we always give credit to whom it is due and expect the same. Be alert - most of the websites out there now claiming to have Stan's technology just offer conventional electrolysis with large amp designs which is the opposite of Stan's concept of high voltage, low amps. Our website is devoted to keeping the purity of Stan's designs, and not veering away into other designs. We offer products based on Stan's designs for those who need to have them, but we always offer Stan's original data free of charge.

The moral of the story: be careful because not all websites that say they have Stan's technology actually do...
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