New Stan Meyer 8xa Board

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New Stan Meyer 8xa Board

Post by h2oadmin » Wed Feb 28, 2018 10:05 am

Upcoming Announcement:

We will be soon releasing a new updated version of Stan's 8xa (patent test box) board, which will include the 9xa, 9xb, 8xa, and all other parts of Stan's flat cell control box. The only inputs required will be 12V DC and 120V AC fed through a variac. It will be on one board and will include Stan's resonant charging choke. It is a miniaturized version of his control box and will also be more cost effective than our original board, so it will hopefully be in reach of many more water fuel experimenters. The older version required hand assembly and soldering, driving up costs, while the new version will be mostly surface mount and will be machine assembled for the most part.
Stay tuned, more to come!!
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