Analysis of Stan's Water Fuel Cell Technology

Videos of Stan's Water Fuel Cell Technologies go Here
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Analysis of Stan's Water Fuel Cell Technology

Post by h2oadmin » Tue Nov 21, 2017 2:38 am

Here is an in depth analysis of Stan's water fuel cell technology, prepared by Rea O'Neill, of the Dublin Institute of Technology.

In the document he mentions that, during his visit with Stan, Stan mentioned that he was working to "develop his electronics further to produce an integrated chip and this will take further months". As in some of Stan's final slides we have seen, he was working on miniaturizing the electronic control circuits so they could be easily retrofitted to other vehicles.

The oil companies, cartels, and global elites at the top (Global leaders, FBI, CIA), did not want to risk this new technology spreading to other vehicles and tried to stop it.
Explanation of Stan Meyer Fuel Cell.pdf
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