Stanley Meyer Videography

Videos of Stan's Water Fuel Cell Technologies go Here
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Stanley Meyer Videography

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This is where comments on the various Meyer Videos will go ionzationx has the main list for now

1. Teslatech

Title: Using Water as Fuel (c) 2006

A dvd transfer by Lost Arts Media. This is the standard presentation by Stanley Meyer which was, at that time, about an hour slide show. The quality of the visual and audio is very good.
Some of the slide material is not presented elsewhere such as Stan's contact with owners of racecars and airplanes. Also there is some footage of Stephen and Ed working on the buggy.

2. Waterfuelcell

1. International Symposium on New Energy , Colorado, 1993
2. House Meeting in New Zealand 1989
3. The Safe Free Energy Conference Einsiedeln, Switzerland 1983(sic)
TV New Reports
4. Water Fuel Cell Science Lecture 1991
It Runs on Water


In this video Stan is seen as a man with a mission. He expounds upon the need to maintain the military integrity of the country He is rushed toward the end to explain his system.

New Zealand
This is one of the more informal meetings that Stan had. A small group of HHO enthusiasts questions Stan about his process and theories.

Switzerland A formal presentation of this theories and invetions

TV news reports

Currently available at site. Some of this material is just a transfer from
the Nutech200 VHS's. At one time just two DVDs were sold , Now they sell four

Tools for Freedom

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