Stanley Meyer Video Sources

Videos of Stan's Water Fuel Cell Technologies go Here
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Stanley Meyer Video Sources

Post by jim miller » Mon Nov 20, 2017 4:35 pm

This is where I put the links to the major various sites and sources of Stanley Meyer video that can be purchased or available with donation .

1.waterfuelcell.orgThis is one of the oldest forums and has available for purchase the key video material regarding the research of Stan Meyer

2. TeslaTech, Inc.

This is one branch of the old tesla tech group. They are a source for the 1992 Global Sciences Congress archives and have a dvd available order # G92112

3. ionizationx

Steve the moderator of this forum has a cd of the 1992 interview with stanley Meyer

4. Tools for freedom

This is the source for a lesser known video form the 1997 Denver Lecture held at the Mariott Hotel Its listed under the supressed technology area. In their online order area its mislabelled 1992

5.Ken Adachi

Ken Adachi has listed various VHS and CDs available. A "donation " is required

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