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Videos of Stan's Water Fuel Cell Technologies go Here
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Stanley Meyer Internet Video Links

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This is where links to Stanley Meyer videos on the net will go
Revision 15 with comment about new Dealership Tape
Stanley Meyer Videography and Review Revision 12
Added comnents for Ministry of Defence,JW visit and Dealership tape

Stanley Meyer Videography and Reviews

Links to "for study and research purposes"

One of the problems in research that depends on video material found on the internet is the lack of good indexing andreferences. Some researchers will quote a reference to an hour long video but not give any indication as to where the specific frame can be located. Some researchers describe the general topic being discussed or make at statement it is toward the end.

Some researchers attempt to give a time of play, such as frame located at 1:13 which may refer to to minute and second or possibly hour and minute. That may work but due to many videos being edited and shortened with copyright notices,trailers andwhole sections being edited, I have always been a proponent ofspecificity in reference. To that end I have assigned acronyms for the major video material available for Stanley Meyers workand recommend the use of purchased materials wherever possible in research to minimize the editing problem that occurs when the length of the same video material has been edited and the time index numbers do not correspond between various edited versions.

Suggested format for video reference acronym or full title followed by hh:mm:ss Therefore ISME 00:25:59 means the same to researchers across the net. The use of acronym abbreviations will save time when posting or searching for an image in context.
Alternatively video captures of a particular frame with specific reference could be made

One addition to list is Steve's "IonizationX Stanley Meyer Explains" DVD or the ISME dvd

Run time is about 37 minutes.

Also new reference acronyms for each video are provided so now researchers can quickly refer to a frame or subject by appending the acronym with a time
such as: nzhm 01:0:32 or isme 00:24:59's almost like a Biblical reference. Stan would like that.

Tapes or DVDs for purchase or donation

The IonizationX dvd "IonizationX Stanley Meyer Explains" aka the ISME or 1992 interview tapedvd. About 37 minutes runtime. An important find!!
Nice details revealed!! The introduction features a well known Dutch physicist with ties to academia. After a few comments in Dutch he starts speaking in English and then Stan Meyer starts talking about and showing the parts of the Dune Buggy as configured in 1992. A must have for HHO inventors!!. available from Steve pm

reference acronym ISME

Equinox Episode "It Runs on Water"

Originally Aired on December 17 1995 on BBC Channel 4. The episode was narrated by futurist Arthur C. Clarke. Runtime varies depending if you are viewing the complete episode or just part 2

reference acronym IROW

Global Sciences Congress February 1992 Orlando, Florida
This is a recording of Stanley Meyer's "Water as Fuel" lecture
Runtime 57:30 Moderated by Dean Stonier. This VHS to DVD
conversion has very clear video and audio tracks. This the standard
Meyer presentation. Has some slides for the airplane and Corvette .
It is now currently available DVD#G92112

reference acronym GSC

New Zealand House Meeting 1989 Runtime 2:37
This is the longest of the extant Meyer recordings. Originally available
in VHS format from Murray's old NuTech2000 site, it is now currently
available from in DVD format.
This is a recording of an informal gathering of HHO enthusiasts and
inventors where Stan gives a blackboard presentation of the water
fuel concept. Stan glosses over a few pointed questions but the video
presents some comments and ideas not found elsewhere.
Available at
reference acronym NZHM

International Symposium on New Energy, Colorado 1993 Run-time 1:38
After the introduction, Stan talks at length regarding developmental hurdles and politics and is rushed at the end to present the water fuel concepts.
Available at
reference acronym COLO

The Safe Free Energy Conference in Einseideln Switzerland 8840
This is the most formal of Stan's presentations. It is a slide presentation at the Einseideln conference center in Einseideln Switzerland. Although Stan keeps on topic the presentation was marred by interruptions from the audience calling for him to slow down as the translators had trouble keeping up with Stan's rapid delivery and subsequent difficulty in translating it to a largely German speaking audience. Available from
reference acronym SFEC

News Reports
Channel 11 KKTV News report on the Extraordinary Science
Conference held in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Channel 13 KRDO-TV News report on the Extraordinary Science
Conference held in Colorado Springs Colorado

Water Fuel Cell Lecture 1991 from Extraordinary Science Conference in Colorado Springs,Co
A brief question and answer segment Gas Management System Run-time 13:22
Available at
ref acronym ESCC

Denver Marriott 1997 cd1521 (mislabeled as 1990) International Symposium of New Energy (ANE meeting) Dark DVD burn from VHS, George Mallove repeatedly questions Stan about the results. Where are the numbers? Click side bar Alternative Energy

reference acronym ANED

Ken Adachi Meyer Videos

Ken Adachi Site has a listing,

Conference and Workshop Tapes 1997 Colorado VHS or DVD 2 hours Water as Fuel

Lecture Denver May 1997 Run-time 1 hour
Water as Fuel Workshop Denver May 1997 Run-time 1 hour
from his site (ed. note) 1997 not 1993 different reference than 1993
"Stanley Meyer Videos"

"Water as Fuel Lecture presented by Stanley Meyer (Denver, Colorado- May 1997) 1 hour $28 plus shipping (Specify Video or DVD)
As far as I know, this is the only video lecture of Stanley Meyer explaining the details of his water fuel process which could be used to power cars, trucks, planes, rocket ships, trains, etc. with a simple retrofit kit. No extensive modifications or alternations were necessary to adapt his process to existing engines. Stanley had discovered how to disassociate water into a powerful fuel to be used in an internal combustion engine, but he also discovered a limitless supply of electrical energy from water by opening up "an aperture" in the etheric continuum. Stanley had already worked out most of the manufacturing bugs to manufacture retrofit kits for cars when he was poisoned on March 21, 1998 in an Ohio restaurant while toasting with NATO officials to his new 50 million research facility to be built. His twin brother Stephen reported that "sharks immediately moved in" and stole all of Stanley's water fuel cell component designs, prototypes, notes, computers, and water fuel parts from his modified dune buggy kept in his home/workshop. There is no question in my mind that the military and powerful corporate energy barons did not want Stanley Meyer's proven water fuel technology to be known or utilized by the public and saw to it that he was silenced.
Water As Fuel Workshop with Stanley Meyer (Denver, 1997) The tape runs for 1 hour $28 plus shipping (Specify Video or DVD)"

Details to order in Ken Adachi's Educate_Yourself (Premium Gift Section) If you give 50$ "gift" with blank money order you get the "premium gift"in return. 28$ each tape or CD 50 for both
REF acronyms KAL and KAW

Found on the web

Backyard Buggy Demonstration

Backyard Buggy Demo Short Version runtime 6 min

Stanley Meyer Buggy Test Run short version SMBB

Audio difficult to hear due to background buggy noise. Originally filmed in Stan's backyard by his wife Marilyn. Transcripts at IonizationX in buggy photo topic. The 9 minute version has the basics backyard segment, the 1985 WTVN newscast followed by about a minute and a half taken at another time of Stan doing some preparations before cruising down Harrisburg Pike in Grove City, Ohio. Stan Graumlich and Charles C Holbrook are seen in the video outtake. Buildings in background at the end are of the Lincoln Leveque tower which is how WTVN used to end its news broadcasts during that time. Copy of the original was held by Columbus Dispatch news department

Stanley Meyer Backyard Buggy Demo Long Version


Westbrook January 2010 Visit

1.Craig Westbrook Finds Meyers Estate 2010 (version2)
This is an edited version of Craig's First visit to the buggy (Craigs audio track removed)

Craig Westbrook finds Stan Meyers estate 2010.

reference acronym CWME

2. Craig Westbrook talks about Electric Polarized Gas Generators

Craig and Stan Meyers estate #2

reference acronym CWME2

3. Craigs Visit Long Version From his visit to the hxxxxxxx's garage near Grove City before the sale to the o

reference acronym CWME3

Equinox "It Runs on Water" Part 2

Narrated by Arthur C Clarke, shows demo cell, history of Stan Meyer's quest

reference acronym IROW


Too Close to Sun BCC March 21,1994 Episode 30x10. Stan Meyer segments near the intro and very end ,most of video discusses cold fusion. The buggy was not running during this visit Too close to the sun-BBC Horizon
reference acronym TCTS

6 News Report 1:44
Shows buggy actually running down road (Harrisburg Pike) This is part of the video that JW showed when promoting Stan's concept
Stan Meyers water powered Buggy
reference acronym NR6

Secrets of Stanley Meyer Revealed

Stanley Meyer Estate Videos Parts 1,2,3 by Dynodon
Narration by Dynodon on parts 1 and 2, No narration of part 3
Part 1 Stan Meyer estate video 1 Run time 2:48 SME1
Part 2 Stan Meyer estate video 2 Run Time 8:52 SME2
Part 3 Stan Meyers Estate Water Fuel Cell #3.flv Run Time 6:31 SME3

Perhaps the clearest videos of the Variable Plate and Water Fuel Demonstration Units.
From time to time wfc material gets posted on You tube,usually gone in a month or two due to claims of copyright on youtube by wfc. Hey wfc Where did the divx video come from?

Meyer New Zealand House Meeting about 20 minutes worth at
ref acronym NZHM
other rare VHS
MOD DRA 1996 London archives
reference acronym MOD

JW Lab Visit (VHS) format
Jim W's 1993 Visit to Stan's Lab Run-time 45 min (rare) This was after his hang gliding accident
This is the tape shown to prospective investors when Jim W was promoting the
technology to race car owners out West and in California
reference acronym JWV

Stanley Meyer Dealership VHS (rare) about 45 min
Reference acronym SMD (See recent posts for image of Tape and Label)

Stan Meyer Promo Tape 45 min
Reference SMPT 45 min

Stan Meyer Scanner Tape ( Length unknown)
This is the one viewed by Dynodon and was in Stans belongings Said to show electronics scanning though frequencies.

Torrent Sources

If DHS hasn't shut them down yet,this type of site often filled with spy ware malware.
Meyers materials from Switzerland,Colorado,New Zealand presentations?should just buy from imho

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